Health Benefits of Ephedra – #Ephedra

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Some of the most impressive health benefits of ephedra include its ability to boost energy, help with weight loss, eliminate fatigue, increase cognition, boost the immune system, strengthen respiratory health, boost heart rate and blood pressure, and eliminate excess water.

Boost Energy Levels: The main use of ephedra in popular culture is as an energy booster, but that name can be slightly deceptive. Ephedra and its active compound ephedrine, stimulate the heart and increase blood flow, which energizes the body and keeps muscles fresh with blood and oxygen. This can also be dangerous, however, as it can potentially put strain on the heart if a person is already suffering from certain heart conditions.

Weight Loss: The huge rise in popularity of ephedra is related to its effects on weight loss and working out. When people are looking for a fast way to lose weight, even if they aren’t particularly active, ephedra presents a unique solution. It stimulates the metabolism, which increases fat-burning. Some people use ephedra without any physical component, which can put additional strain on the body’s system. However, the supplement’s popularity hasn’t waned in certain countries, despite the controversy.

Eliminates Fatigue: If you suffer from chronic fatigue or are someone who experiences insomnia, resulting in exhaustion the next day, an ephedra supplement can help to temporarily increase your energy levels and prevent fatigue from keeping you active and engaged with your day. This should only be used in small amounts, and not in the same way as you might turn to a daily cup of coffee.

Increases Cognition: There have been certain studies that have linked ephedra to increased cognition. This is mainly due to the increased blood flow to the brain and other important organs, optimizing neural processing and keeping our brains “fresh”. The benefits of this drug on cognition must be balanced against the other potential dangers, and again, should not be a regularly consumed supplement.

Immune System: When it comes to the common cold and the flu, a cure always seems to be just out of reach. There are certain steroidal properties to ephedra that make it an effective booster for the immune system. While this shouldn’t be used as a constant preventative medicine, some people and studies have argued that taking ephedra in the onset stages of illness can help prevent full-blown sickness or quicken healing time.

Respiratory Health: Ephedra can help to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes in the body, particularly in the respiratory tract, which makes it quite effective in preventing asthmatic attacks and wheezing. By allowing for clear passage of air to the lungs, ephedra can alleviate these common respiratory conditions that affect millions of people.

Blood Pressure: Although most people are concerned about lowering their blood pressure, there are those that suffer from hypotension, which can be just as dangerous in its own way. By adding ephedra to your herbal remedy regimen, you can successfully boost your heart health and blood pressure. You should always speak to a medical professional before using an herbal remedy to affect something as important as cardiovascular regularity.

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